The Crypto Candle
The Crypto Candle

The Crypto Candle

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Scent: Sandalwood X Amber

Your new daily essential : Bull market or bear market, up or down - the crypto candle is your lighthouse in the storm! It's steady, it's safe, it's pleasantly scented and it's green

Relax while working hard! It is never going to make you a better trader (only learning, hard work and patience can do that) but at least this candle will never let you down! As long as there is wax in it, you can count on its steady relaxing flame whenever you feel stressed by too many red candlesticks on your charts. 

Candles are fine but what about the wick ? The wick will never be an issue. All the candles are shipped with some additional wood wicks in case you blow it too fast or break it. We all know that a it's frustrating when that happens and thanks to the soft soy wax, you can easily stick your additional wick in and keep the fire going!

Infused with 100% natural essences, the scent is perfectly dosed in order to bring a pleasant smell without being too strong. So, it releases a nice fragrance around, stays soft and enjoyable and on top of that: it's soy wax so it's not releasing any dangerous chemicals. 

Poured in high quality crystal glasses, you only need to burn it down to add a fancy cocktail glass to your collection. Easy to clean the remaining wax by just putting it under hot water for 10 seconds and remove the residual wax with a sponge (not the scratchy part please....).